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Knowing what to do when hiring movers can help to avoid getting scammed. Don’t get scammed by movers because you failed to check their credentials.

This is why it’s necessary to always do a background check on moving companies before you hire them.

Scammers are everywhere and they often show up when people are in a desperate situation and need to move fast.

There are horror stories of movers not showing up or holding people’s belongings hostage. Even charging much more than what was previously agreed. Some scammers are also looking to steal people’s belongings and have no intentions of ever returning them.

Scammers are not professionals and don’t care about their reputations, where professional movers usually care much more about their reputations especially online.

When a credible moving company knows that its reputation is on the line. In general, the moving company will work harder to make sure the move goes smoothly.

Avoid Getting Scammed By Movers

Review this checklist, your moving company should be in compliance to avoid getting scammed.

No. 1 Licensed Moving Company

Reputable and professional movers should be licensed and authorized by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration – FMCSA.

Before hiring movers please make sure to check and verify their license status and that the moving company is authorized by USDOT – US Department of Transportation number with the FMCSA.

This USDOT number can also be found at the bottom of the moving companies’ website.

No. 2 Real Customer Online Reviews

All reputable and professional movers will have reviews online by credible third-party websites. Allowing verified and real customers to rate their experiences online and available in search engines.

Without online reviews in search engines, it’s impossible to verify the moving company is credible and not a scam.

No 3. Requirements To Sign Contract or Pay Before Estimate

All reputable and professional movers will never require customers to pay or sign a contract before an estimate is given.

Typically, a preliminary estimate is given by phone. The actual cost of the move is determined by an estimator inspection in-person review of the moving job.

No 4. Charge By Weight Only

A reputable and professional moving company will charge only by weight for shipping. This is a standard of professionalism in the moving industry aware of any moving companies that charge based on cubic feet for space inside the moving truck. This practice is a widely known industry scam.

5. No Outrageous Price Increase or Hidden Fees

Reputable and professional moving companies don’t have a reputation for enormous price increases or charging hidden fees.

Make sure that you conduct your due diligence to not get scammed. Usually, when moving companies operate by these guidelines it helps to prevent getting scammed.

Moving can be stressful, a planned and organized move is always less stressful. To prevent disappointment don’t skip checking the credentials of your moving company.


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